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Dr Simon Glenn

Dr Simon Glenn

Research Fellow (Ancient Coins as Related Cultural Heritage – ARCH project)
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My main research interests are Greek and Roman coins. I am currently working on ancient Spanish coins in the Ashmolean collection, which will be digitised and made available through the Heberden Coin Room web app. Recently, my research has focused on the coinage in the name of Alexander the Great as part of the now-finished Oxford–Paris Alexander project. I examined the impact and production of the vast numbers of coins struck during Alexander’s reign and in particular those issued at Damascus. I have also worked on the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project supporting the many international collaborators of the project and collecting and inputting data on hoards from Pompeii, the Netherlands, and France into the project web app.

Simon Glenn is Research Fellow on the Ancient Coins as Related Cultural Heritage (ARCH) project. His DPhil thesis, submitted in 2015, was a die study of the coins of six kings of the Graeco-Bactrian kingdom, soon to appear in print. In 2017 he curated the Ashmolean Money Gallery special display, Alexander the Great: Coinage from a common past. He has recently co-edited with Frédérique Duyrat and Andrew Meadows a book on the coinage of Alexander the Great and the possibilities for new research provided by Linked Open Data frameworks.

Featured publications
2018. (with F. Duyrat and A. Meadows) Alexander the Great. A Linked Open World, Ausonius Éditions
2014. Heliocles and Laodice of Bactria: A Reconsideration, Numismatic Chronicle 174, 45–59

Featured projects
Ancient Coins as Related Cultural Heritage (ARCH)
Oxford-Paris Alexander project (OPAL)
Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire