Practical course of three full-day sessions on Saturdays in January, March and May 2024

NB This course is now FULLY BOOKED

This course is onsite only, in the Museum's Learning Studio

With Tanya Bentham, embroiderer and author

Medieval art, especially the embroidered art of laid and couched work (Bayeux stitch) and the fine needlework of Opus Anglicanum (English work) have at their heart a rhythmic use of colour. This simple and elegant economy of colour and line brings life to the images recreated.

Over the three days of this practical course, you'll learn about the techniques used in this fine medieval embroidery art form and get the chance to reproduce images of The Green Man and traditional medieval wild women.

The Green Man medieval embroidery design in rich colours

The Green Man by Tanya Bentham

Wild Woman embroidery by Tanya Bentham called 'The Cure for Mansplaining' showing a naked woman with a dog tied to her feet in blues and greens

'The cure for mansplaining' Wild Woman embroidery by Tanya Bentham

You will also explore the medieval relationship with the natural world and the mythical creatures and figures who inhabited it through the stitches that bind the civilised and the strange.

The sessions are suitable for all skill levels. All materials provided.


The course sessions will take place onsite at the Ashmolean Museum in the Learning Studio

Booking is essential and tickets are £260 for the three days. Concessions are £245


If you have any questions before the event, please email