The Ashmolean Museum is overseen by a Board of Visitors. The Director of the Museum is Dr Xa Sturgis, who leads the Executive Management Group which provides strategic and operational leadership for the Museum. The Museum's departments are overseen by a Senior Management Team.

The Museum is structured into five departments:

  1. Audiences & Content
  2. Collections
  3. Commercial
  4. Development
  5. Operations





Xa Sturgis


The Audiences & Content Department is responsible for visitor experience, audience insight, interpretation and content, online engagement, membership, formal learning and academic engagement, and informal learning and public programming.

Director of Audiences & Content – Gina Koutsika

Head of Audiences & Online Engagement – Sarah Casey

Head of Digital Content & Interpretation – Jane Cockcroft

Head of Schools, University & Academic Engagement – Clare Cory

Head of Informal Learning & Public Programmes – Lucy Shipp

Head of Visitor Experience – Ruth Farnan (acting Head)


The Collections' departments include, Antiquities, Conservation, Digital Collections, Eastern Art, the Heberden Coin Room and Western Art. These departments are responsible for internationally important collections and collaborate with colleagues across the Museum on strategic goals, such as Collections Care, Research, Teaching, Temporary Displays and Exhibitions, providing access to collections in our study rooms as well as digitally online, and many other projects. 

Director of Collections and Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room – Dr Frédérique Duyrat

Keeper of Antiquities – Liam McNamara

Head of Conservation – Daniel Bone

Head of Digital Collections – Dr Aruna Bhaugeerutty

Keeper of Eastern Art – Professor Mallica Kumbera Landrus

Keeper of Western Art – Dr Jennifer Sliwka

Keeper of the Cast Gallery – Professor Bert Smith


The Commercial Department operates a thriving retail, catering, publishing and venue hire business. In addition, the Department manages the Corporate Membership programme, licensing portfolio, picture library and photography studio.

The Ashmolean commercial profit is invested back into the museum to support the annual operating costs, to enhance the collections and further the Museum's research.

Commercial Director – Claire Lane

Head of Events, Corporate Membership & Filming – Wendy Ball

Head of Publishing and Licensing – Declan McCarthy


The Development Department is responsible for acquiring funding to support the Museum and to help fund projects within the Museum.

Head of Development – Emily Magnuson


The Ashmolean Operations Directorate is responsible for major projects, our exhibitions, all 3D and 2D design, safety and security, museum facilities, finance, IT and HR.

Operations Director – Rachel Davies

Head of Buildings and Facilities – Roger Essex

Head of Finance – Karen Thorne

Head of Health, Safety and Security – Mike Finneran

Head of Major Projects & Exhibitions – Aisha Burtenshaw