With Andrew Robinson, author of biographies of Jean-François Champollion, Thomas Young and Michael Ventris, and also 'Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World’s Undeciphered Scripts'.

Undeciphered ancient scripts tantalise...

They include the Etruscan alphabet, Indus seal script, Rongorongo from remote Easter Island, Zapotec script from Mexico  probably the first writing system in the America – and Crete’s unique Phaistos disc; apparently the world’s first ‘printed’ document.

How have scholars tackled them?

A square stone plaque with an Indus Valley inscription and an engraving of a figure of a horse beneath

Indus Valley inscribed seal


The event will take place onsite at the Ashmolean Museum, and online on Zoom and a link to join the event will be shared in advance by email.

This event has now taken place.